Sunday, February 22, 2015

All Change

“Writer in France” was great, always thoroughly enjoyable to write. I loved doing it. But I’m no longer living in France full time, and while I still go back and stay in my little house in the hills, it is unlikely I will live in the Ariege again on a permanent basis.
Everything in the foothills of the Pyrenees was about the two of us.
@ Rennes le Chateau
Now there’s only me.
Life turned upside down for us in winter 2012 when Larry, hero of so many of my pieces for the blog, decided he needed to go back to Dublin.

He had been diagnosed with cancer – there was to be no happy ending. For eighteen months, I felt swamped, overwhelmed and completely exhausted.
Of course I would have preferred to stay in France, where we had an excellent medical system and the support of friends and neighbours. In Dublin, even though we had old friends who tried to help, the reality was that most of the care was down to me. What saved my sanity was where I found us a place to rent - Clontarf.

Larry died last year. It had been eighteen months of extreme emotional turmoil. After falling into something of a black space, I am beginning to see some light.  I’m re launching myself, making plans to travel, writing again, doing a little painting too, and starting a whole new blog to report on all this activity – it can be found at:


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