Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a Win Win Situation!

Jane Horne, photographer and painter, lives in the foothills of the Pyrenees, southern France. We walked those hills many times, while my friend, rarely without a camera, photographed the stunning scenery, people, animals, old barns, cloud formations. Her pictures are superb; she has won many prizes.

Jane Horne - Winning Photograph 2013 - Autrefois le Couserans
Now, my gifted and talented friend has carried off the Top Prize at one the greatest festivals in southern France. With this absolutely perfect photograph, capturing the spirit of bygone days, Jane has won First Prize in this prestigious contest, and has been named as the winning photographer at this year’s “Autrefois le Couserans".

Jane Horne - Winner
A three day celebration of life and work in olden times, the famous “Autrefois le Couserans” festival takes place in the town of St Girons each August and attracts thousands of visitors, with hundreds of photographic entries pouring in, all hoping to walk away with the top prize. So impressed were the judges with Jane's entries, they awarded her Third Prize too.  

Jane’s work covers a wide range of subjects. Ballet dancers, jazz club singers and sax players, glamorous party gatherings, Paris street musicians, local farmers, cheese makers, French market scenes, and her lovely dog Polo all feature in her work, which is vibrant with colour, movement and style, with flashes of humour and whimsy.

The works reflect her personality; apart from a wonderful eye for a picture and an enviable talent with brushes and paint, Jane Horne has a big generous heart, a truly merry nature and a joyful spontaneity; qualities that shine through in her art.

Well done my friend!

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