Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mongolian Challenge - only 17 weeks!

. Land of blue skies, legends, folklore and emptiness; for most people with an interest in the horse, it has always been a mythological place.
From Genghis Khan and his mighty armies to the people of Mongolia today, those who ride the Steppes have always had, for me at any rate, a Mythical status.
Most nomadic families today still keep a herd of horses; a really good horse is considered one of a man’s most prized possessions. The horse remains the most common and reliable form or transport, able to go where roads do not exist, which is a large part of Mongolia. And there’s so much more. Imagine hunting with an Eagle, learning how to hunt, as a child, with your very own eagle; the child and the bird growing together.

Who, with imagination, would not jump at the chance to go there?  And if, in the process, we can help others, why hesitate?  Here’s my plan for June.

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  1. Brava! I'm completely awed by your courage and enthusiasm.