Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On taking a break from writing...

This old Spanish chest was perfectly fine. Lovely wood; it polished up well. I liked the way the drawers had been made just a bit more interesting, and the iron handles set it off. But oh dear it was dull. I meant to paint it red but somehow never got around to it. Then, up in Toulouse, I saw a chest of drawers made by Tom's Company.......Inspired, I came home and got out my paints and collections of brushes.  Sometimes we need to do something outside of our usual creative zone. I had slogged over four long articles and focusing on colours rather than words proved amazingly stimulating.

It took me quite a while to do it, because Tom's stuff is way outside of the safe furniture zone; there are no browns or beiges. In my view, my finished product was worth the attention to detail. Flushed with success at how the little chest had turned out, I sent a picture of my efforts to Tom's Company, explaining that since I didn't have a fistful of Euro in my back pocket on the day in Toulouse, I had a go at doing this one myself, but was saving the four figure sum needed to buy one of theirs. They responded!

Hi Jane,
Thanks for the picture :-)
Good job ….
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards / meilleures salutations
Geraldine Schmidt
Tom´s Company GmbH & Co.KG
Kreisstrasse 14
D-66578 Schiffweiler OT Landsweiler, Germany

The words "Good Job" from Tom's Company are almost as welcome as an Editor saying yes to an article. On which note, I wonder if The Lady has made a decision yet...

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  1. As always, you're just a little outside the box that cramps virtually all the rest of us. It's beautiful. I would never in a million years have thought of covering that lovely wood with paint, I admit. That's what proves you have that je ne c'est quoi--flair!

    I've done something like this once--on a small antique desk with its finish already totally destroyed.

    Can't wait for time to read about the horse trek--Mongolia, yet!